We take pride in knowing our products are not tested on animals, are cruelty-free and vegan. Making a positive impact in our industry and giving our clients trusted products with the same core values and ethics we have. 

Revive7 Lash & Brow Serum

Revive7 Lash & Brow Serum

Our #1 Best Seller, the product that started it all! Our grade-a Lash Serum offers significant results without harmful ingredients. It improves lash and brow health, thickness and fullness within 7-21 days of daily use and is made with 7 active ingredients.


Revive7 Length & Lift Set

Our Luxury Lash Curler & Revive7 Lash Serum provide the ultimate length & lift. The lash curler creates a long-lasting lift while the lash serum provides length.


Revive7 Hair

Our handcrafted hair oil for hydrating, revitalizing, and nourishing your hair and scalp. Made with Ginseng Extract it strengthens the follicles and roots of the hair, encouraging new hair and preventing thinning and breakage. Infused with Biotin and Vitamin B6 to nourish your follicles while producing the appearance of longer, fuller hair.


Revive7 Serum Mascara

Our Revive7 Mascara is made with our Revive7 Lash Serum formula. It nourishes lashes with each where while strengthening and giving a voluminous mascara effect.⁠ Sweat-proof, smudge-proof, all-day wear. Offers length without harmful ingredients⁠⁠.


Style Brow X Revive7

Fluffy brows that last all day with our vegan Brow Styling Soap. Combined with Revive7 Brow Serum for an instant thickening effect. Our misting spray is made with rose water. Not only can it be used with your Style Brow, but also all over your face. Rose water has been used as a beauty product for thousands of years, it improves your complexion, reduce skin redness, dark spots, and even acne.⁠⁠


Revive7 Brow Serum

The second member to the Revive7 Collection, Revive7 Brow offers significant results without harmful ingredients. Revive7 Brow is made with a stronger formula than Revive7 Lash specifically to target coarse brow hairs with a special applicator for the brow area. This product offers results within 7-21 days of daily use and is made with clean and vegan ingredients.


What Customers Are Saying

This product is legit magic! I have always loved trying products...that doesn’t mean I love everything I try. I’ve had this business for over 3 years, and after 2 years in this was the first, and is still the ONLY product I sell because I believe in it so much!

Jordan, @_ibeautify_

We are so happy to have discovered Revive7! It’s the best lash growth serum out there hands down and we love that it’s all natural, vegan, and made in Canada. Our clients start to see results nearly immediately — we’ll never go back to another serum!

Catherine & Olivia @heybeautyspot 

We bought this to sell at our store. This is my second order. We can't keep it in stock our clients love it.

Linda, Susanne Shoes

I've tried them all!! A girlfriend of mine recommended Revive7 and it's been just over a month and my lashes are super full and long. I also purchased the brow revive and my brows are finally growing. Love this stuff!!


It 💯 works! Can’t live without this product!


Oh I love the product. It’s easy to use and the effects are absolutely great. People always ask me if these are my own lashes. I am very pleased with the product and it is good value.

Sarah Traub

I keep getting lash extensions and my lashes never grow back the same but with this serum they come back and then SOME I LOVE IT AND I KEEP RECOMMENDING IT TO EVERYONE


No matter how much I order, there’s always a wait list for this product at the salon. happy client = happy salon. Ohh and you actually see results within 2 weeks unlike other brand that range for the same price.


I invested in Revive at the start of this last lockdown and at first it wasn't selling enough and I freaked out that I had spent money I.might not recover!! Fast.forward. The product works so well that word has spread fast. I wanted to retail a lash growth product but it had to be safe and free.of chemicals. That's my credo. I will continue to have Revive7 as a central.part.of my growing retail segment. One client was so dubious at first and then called to tell me she couldn't believe that her lashes were skimming her glasses!!


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