Damaged, short and brittle lashes can be a cause of vitamin deficiency, poor lash hygiene or improperly applied lash extensions or simply genetics. 

Let’s talk about some solutions to healthier lashes. 
  1. Remove mascara or lash strips every night with a gentle lash shampoo and spoolie. Never pick your mascara off! 
  2. Get the right vitamins. Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin, Nails Gummies with Biotin Pro vitamin V5 and Vitamin E. 
  3. Lash Serum, Revive7 has only 7 active ingredients that help condition, strengthen and revitalize your lashes. Giving you longer and fuller lashes within 7-21 days.
  4. If you love lash extensions then using a lash serum will be best to use while wearing extensions as some lash extensions can be too heavy for the lashes. 
  5. Eat a healthy diet! Increasing your omega fatty acids and foods that have high vitamin d will also help stimulate hair follicle growth. 
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