Got questions? You're in luck, because we have answers. Below are the most common customer questions.

When will I see results using Revive7 Lash Serum?

Revive7 will start to condition and give the appearance of fuller and darker lashes and brows within 7–14 days. Full results between 21–31 days.

Who can use Revive7 Lash Serum?

Anyone who wants fuller and longer lashes and brows. Although the product is made with vegan and clean ingredients, we always recommend a doctor’s approval if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

If I have Lash Extensions can I use Revive7 Lash Serum?

Revive7 Lash Serum can be used on Natural Lashes, with Lash Extensions, and with a Lash Lift as long as you wait for the proper aftercare time period after treatment (the same timeframe as not getting your lashes wet).

Can Revive7 Mascara be used in combination of Revive7 Lash Serum?

Yes, although the mascara is made with serum ingredients, the lash serum is a stronger formula. For optimal results, it is recommended to use the serum as well to target the lash roots.

What is the difference between Revive7 Lash Serum & Revive7 Brow Serum?

Revive7 Brow is made with different ingredients. It is a stronger formula, and has a bigger applicator as it is used for a bigger area which requires more product!

What is Style Brow X Revive7?

Style Brow X Revive7 is a long-wear, waterproof brow soap. Made with Revive7 Brow ingredients to condition and give an instant thickening effect. Style Brow gives the appearance of brow lamination and lasts up to 24 hours.

How do I use Style Brow X Revive7?

Spritz your Style Brow or spoolie with the Style Brow Rose Water Misting Spray, move the spoolie through the product until it becomes tacky, then coat your brow hairs. Leave for a minute and continue to style your brows.