Maybe you've been scrolling through Instagram or (gasp) flipping through a magazine and you saw a headline about Lash Serums and Prostaglandins. Well, we're here to explain what all the fuss is about. 

Prostaglandin analogues (PGA) are ocular hypotensive agents used for the treatment of glaucoma. In the late 1990's during the treatment of glaucoma, it was discovered that prostaglandins promoted the growth of lashes. This was a wonderful breakthrough as some individuals lose their lashes due to medical conditions. Drug companies were quick to rebrand their drugs for glaucoma to lash serums. One such drug was called Lumigen which was rebranded as Latisse Lash Serum. Latisse is available only by prescription and costs about $200 for 5 ml.

In Canada, Australia, and many countries in Europe and Asia, prostaglandins are not permitted to be present in non-prescription lash serums. Here's where the fuss comes from...

What prostaglandins do to your lashes: 
Prostaglandins in lash serums stimulate the hair growth cycle to transition from telogen (the resting phase) to anagen (the growth phase). Then, prostaglandins work to lengthen the anagen phase. This is why you often see prostaglandin-containing serums create a spindly, brittle-appearing long lash: the lashes and growth created haven't come from your usual growth cycle.

What prostaglandins do to your skin: 
Prostaglandins in lash serums can stimulate the production of melanin in the skin, creating a dark or red line when applied. There have been reports that prostaglandin analogs used in some lash serums may contribute to orbital fat loss, causing a sunken eye appearance. Yikes! You look older!

What prostaglandins do to your eyes: 
Prostaglandins in lash serums have been known to cause itchy, dry, irritated eyes, and even the sensation of having something in your eye. Because melanin production is stimulated, darkening of the iris or changes to eye colour can occur.

So in summary, like many drugs, prostaglandin has side-effects that you may not want to experience just to have longer lashes. There are other solutions such as Revive7 Revitalizing Lash Serum. It has the fewest ingredients of any lash serum on the Canadian and US markets. It's been proven for over 10 years. And it's continually winning awards for Clean Beauty. 

Skip the fuss. And buy from us. 



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