2022 Clean Beauty Award Winner

Revive7 Lash & Brow Serum won Best Clean Beauty Product of the Year 2022. Chosen by Canada’s most trusted beauty authorities; FASHION, CHATELAINE (EN) and CHATELAINE (FR).

The Global Green beauty awards of 2022 chose Revive7 Science Lash and Brow Serum as winner of Clean Beauty. Celebrating the best in environmentally friendly, natural products.


5 Tips for Long, Healthy and Beautiful Lashes

From diet to nutrient-packed serums, here’s everything you need to know.

We put our lashes through a lot on a daily basis. These delicate hairs are constantly curled, lifted, tinted and even extended, yet it often comes as a shock when we see a few stragglers on our cotton pads or in bathroom sinks. If you’re struggling to lengthen and strengthen your lashes, it may be time to take a more holistic approach.

From strengthening supplements to lengthening serums, such as Revive7 Science’s award-winning Revive7 Lash & Brow Serum, here are five ways you can start growing healthier and longer lashes.


Lash serum

If you’re eager to speed up your lash lengthening process, but in a natural way, it may be time to try a lash serum like the Revive7 Lash & Brow Serum. This buzzy new product was the winner of the Best Clean Beauty category in the 2022 Beauty Awards and has been clinically shown to improve the health and volume of your lashes. This clean, Canadian-made formula is made with seven natural and active ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, collagen, biotin and pumpkin seed extract. They all work together to repair any lash damage and supply nutrients and protein to your lash hairs, hair follicles and surrounding skin. Within seven to 21 days, you’ll see that your lashes are healthier, stronger, more voluminous, and less prone to breakage. Just apply it once or twice a day to your eyelid line—it’s as simple as that.


Just like your skin or nails, what you eat may also have an impact on your lash health, so make sure your diet is rich in hair-promoting proteins, such as eggs (biotin). It’s also important to ensure you’re getting sufficient vitamins A, E and C through fresh fruits and vegetables. For an extra boost, consider taking daily vitamins or supplements, as well. Niacin (vitamin B-3) has been proven to help improve blood flow to hair follicles which encourages hair length and fullness.

Skip lash treatments

Beyond what you apply or consume, give your lashes a chance to grow by skipping any lifting or extension treatments. While these may scratch your instant gratification itch by offering quick results, they may also be damaging and delay your growth. While you’re at it, make sure to also give your lashes a break from mascara once in a while.

Clean makeup

We’re not telling you to stop wearing makeup entirely, but you may want to put more thought into what you’re applying to your lashes. Try investing in higher quality and clean mascaras, they’ll be less damaging to your lashes and may result in more length and volume over time.

Gentle makeup removal

Finally, treat your lashes with the love and kindness they deserve! Stop aggressively scrubbing or rubbing your makeup off every night. Instead, invest in gentle and non-irritating makeup removers and lather with love, not anger.


2022 Global Green Beauty Awards Winners Announcement - Best Clean beauty product - toxic free - Highly commended!

Welcome to the 2022 Global Green Beauty Awards winners announcement.

This is our third 'green' awards and it has been truly quite astonishing.  We had an incredible 400+ product entries of a variety of green, clean and eco beauty products.  The awards celebrates the beauty industry's move towards making their products, packaging and sourcing more kind to the planet and indeed to our skin. 

How have beauty brands been moving towards being greener and cleaner?
So many brands have overturned their original products to bring them more in line with green practices.  A number have looked at their packaging and revised it to make it plastic free, biodegradable, recyclable or by using recycled materials.  Brands have also taken a keen interest into the sustainability of their ingredients - asking questions such as 'How is it farmed' 'Where is it farmed?' 'Are we replanting?' 'What is our carbon footprint?''. 

The ingredients themselves are crucial - brands are ever more turning to natural or organic and moving away from harmful toxins and preservatives.  There has also been a big push towards being vegan and cruelty free across the board.  Some brands incorporate all of these green ethoses together and others are taking those first steps to reduce their impact on the environment or become more natural.

Winners were chosen by a panel of 6 beauty experts on two factors - the products themselves and how they worked on our panel of judges, and secondly how their products green and clean credentials fit the category.  All products entered which didn't win gold, silver, bronze or highly recommended will take home a finalist badge for their commended efforts

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