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Revive7 SILK Pillowcase

Revive7 SILK Pillowcase

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SILK by Revive7 Science is a premium-grade silk pillowcase that will elevate your beauty routine and transform your sleep experience. SILK goes beyond your expectations, leaving you with a deeper rest, radiant hair, flawless skin, and easier mornings - providing you with the best silk pillowcase Canada has seen!

◦ Made with luxurious mulberry silk
◦ Ideal for skincare as it absorbs less moisture compared to regular pillowcases, enabling serums to remain on the skin
◦ Helps prevent hair tangling, frizziness and breakage
◦ Dermatologist approved

How to Use

To maintain the quality of silk, avoid using bleach or fabric softener during the washing process. Ensure to clean your silk pillowcase at least once every seven days and, if machine-washing, include it in a separate load consisting solely of delicate silk items.

What's Included

1 pillowcase per package

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